Shabby Whites New Blog

All things lovely coming soon.

Until then here is a list of 25 things about me or things that I love...

1. I was born in the 60's
2. I love my 2 kids...Gina & Frankie
3. My husband and I live in Toronto, Canada
4. Hydrangeas are my favourite flower
5. My first car was a 1969 Mustang
6. I'm going to be a grandmother
7. As a kid, one summer I found 9 four leaf clovers
8. I've been married twice. My husband now for 9 years
9. My husband is American...born in Brooklyn, NY
10. Shabby Chic makes me happy
11. Favourite scent is anything orange
12. On my daughters 20th birthday I had my nose pierced...a tiny little diamond and I still love it
13. Empty nesters and not happy about it
14. I love the sound of water
15. My favourite item in my home is a huge galvanized rooster
16. I've been a real estate agent, bartender, legal secretary and now a home stager
17. I love spring and summer
18. Travelled to Italy when I was 19 years old
19. I love old subway signs
20. I'm the oldest in my family
21. I have always made my kids birthday cakes
22. Sunshine makes me happy
23. I love anything with fonts or words on it
24. I married my husband in New Jersey and lived there for 5 years with my kids
25. I'm excited to post all things lovely, shabby and white. I hope you enjoy "Shabby Whites" and please comment - I would love to hear from you.


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