The Steven and Chris Show


My awesome daughter Gina went online a few weeks ago and secretly got 3 tickets to the Steven and Chris Show.  Don't you love these guys?  We are going into Toronto tomorrow morning - Me, my daughter and my Mom - The three of us will have a blast.  I'll be sure to update with some photos and maybe one of Stevens fab DIY projects.


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Before and After ::: From Worn Church Pew to Best Seat in the House

My ex told me about a bench in a little antique shop in Utica. So on Saturday morning my husband took a ride with me to check it out. I've been wanting a bench for my dining room it seems - forever. When we got there - the one we specifically went to see was all spindles and totally uncomfortable to sit on. Discouraged, we toured the rest of the shop. Then...tucked in a little hallway I saw it. A gorgeous little church pew just waiting to be discovered.

It was coming home with us.  We lifted it into the Jeep and tied it down.  I couldn't wait to get home and get started!  After digging out the paint, running out for new brushes, hitting a local craft show with my daughter, I lost steam and my husband took over the painting and finished it all (gotta love him). 

I hit the computer and started to search out some appliques.  I found these on Ebay and within the week they were at my front door.  I didn't have any clamps so I glued them on and taped them down to set. 
My daughter came by and said it looked like a pile of cheerios!  I had faith :)

After putting on two coats of paint I stood back and thought - This is the best seat in the house!

Oh yeah...see the white streak on the plum coloured wall to the left?  That's the start of a white wall makeover underway.  Decided to paint the entire house white....YIPPEE!

Updated photo after painting the walls white :)

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The Inspiration Bug Has Bitten Again

Well where has the time gone???  Last thing I remember, I was getting ready to be a Grandmother and here it is 14 months later!  Lot's has happened in that time, my subway signs are doing fabulous on Etsy and I've been busy with everything EXCEPT my home. 

I recently came across a house for sale - completely by chance.  It was actually a random email from my local Facebook Marketplace. Well I jumped right in the car and headed over to the real estate agents office and within 20 minutes I was walking through the door of who I would later come to find out was blogger "Just Beachy" Chris Kaufmann's perfect lil' abode.

To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement! Here are some photos for you to drool over...

I had no idea that this was her home, I never knew the owner was a blogger it was just a fluke...and so inspiring.  I did go back a second time with my husband and he actually loved it too.  We have debated, listed the pros and the cons and have decided to stay put and transform our home.  After all, Chris's home was a newer build and I think I read on her blog somewhere that "beach living is a state of mind".

So I am back!
I WILL change my space to reflect the cottage charm I have loved for so long and...
I WILL be inspired by all the talented women in blogland.  Looking forward to catching up on all I have missed.

My first project will be to make over an awesome little church pew I recently purchased at an antique store in Utica (pictures coming up).

By the way...here is a picture of my beautiful Granddaughter, Madison...my sunshine and joy.


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