Vintage Style Subway Signs Now For Sale on Etsy

I'm so excited to now offer Subway Signs in my Etsy Shop...Wordology.  Here are the first photos of what's being offered.

New York City Subway Sign 18" x 54"

Paris Cities and Landmarks Subway Roll Sign

                       NY Subway Route                            European Cities Subway Sign

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Subway Signs, Bus and Tram Scrolls.....Oh My!


So much has been going on since my last post.  My daughter had a healthy, beautiful, baby girl...Gianna.  She is pure sunshine and I have been so caught up in the joy of being a new gramma that I have been completely absent from blogging and catching up on all of your fabulous posts.  Just this week I have started visiting you all again. 
On a creative note, I have finally taken the plunge and opened my Etsy store.  I'm so excited to be back online here and in my new venture.  I will be offering custom subway roll signs on canvas and in print.  Please visit me...Later in the week I will have the first of my new offerings.



May 2 4 Long Weekend

Victoria Day marks the unofficial start of summer here in Canada, and what a beautiful long weekend it was.  Victoria Day, May 24th better known to us Canadians as May two four weekend. 
Let the summer begin! 
Source: Toronto Star



Feature Friday #3

I've been M.I.A.  I have finally decided to take on a big project!  Something I've wanted to do for a few months now.  Something I thought about before I started this little blog.  I will be setting up a little online shop.

 A little hint...
It's wordy!
For now - here we go...
Each Friday I will randomly pick 2 followers from my sidebar and do a feature on you - with a link to your blog. It's my way of thanking those who follow my blog and spreading the love.

Here is Ange!  She was my very first follower!!!  I remember seeing her and thinking wow... someone is interested enough to follow me.  For anyone who has not yet met Ange your in for a treat.  She is so warm and generous.  You have to stop by Australia and see her at Chair Up.

Live.Laugh.Make Something is home to Mary Beth.  She always has something going on.  She showcases some excellent projects with a perfect dose of humour.  She also has an Etsy Shop.



Happy Mother's Day

Here is my favourite photo from 1964.
It's of my Mom and Dad and me. 
Everything seemed so regal back then, everyone dressed so elegant for everyday.  My daughter looks at this picture and she can't get over how her Nana just had a baby and looked so slim and she gets a kick out of her wearing pearls...around the house!  She was only 19 in this picture.   Me - I think my Dad looks so handsome.  I love the hair flip.
Mother's Day next year, we will be celebrating with 4 generations in our family.
Happy Mother's Day!



Feature Friday #2


Each Friday I will randomly pick 2 followers from my sidebar and do a feature on you - with a link to your blog.  It's my way of thanking those who follow my blog and spreading the love.

Hop over to Lara's place at Fresh + Simple  She loves thrifting and is in the process of  decorating her country duplex in the beachy coastal style we all love and guess what?  She's a white paint addict!  Did I happen to mention - the girl has some mad photo skills.  Thanks for following Lara.

Your gonna love Deb - a fellow Canadian girl at Cappuccino Cottage who's as sweet as can be. When she stops for a visit it's like having your best friend over for coffee.  She's transforming her lakeside cottage in British Columbia with her love of all things vintage, chippy and white.  Stop by and tell her I said hi.  Thanks Deb




Feature Friday - Who Will It Be?

Glad your here!
Even though I am brand spankin' new to this blogland (this being my 12th post) I have gotten so much from it.  Meeting others that share the same interests.  Being inspired and hopefully inspiring others in some small way.  Getting comments makes me smile and I'm happy whenever I see a new follower... (I think it's just awesome when I see a new face in my sidebar).  I always go to check out who you are.  I can't wait to see what it is we may have in common that makes me lucky enough to have you follow. 
I try to post a comment, thanking you for what I still think is a huge gesture...this following thing.
To thank my followers further and to let you know I'm glad your here, I am going to dedicate Friday's as a

photo I took from a Target display

 Each Friday I will randomly pick 2 followers from my sidebar and do a feature on you - with a link to your blog.
We'll call it...

Here we go...the first 2 Features to kick it all off:

Maria is from Norway and has the prettiest blog.  She also has some huge talent making the most feminine looking wrist warmers which she calls pulse warmers.  Stop by and visit Maria here at Ide Kroken she's all about girly joy.

Kelly is from Much To Do With Nothing.  She's all about reusing and refurbishing and her reupholstery work is to-die-for.  She shares tutorials, and some amazing furniture transformations as well. She has reached 400 followers and is having a giveaway to celebrate - you'll have to check her out.



Crazy Cool Wordle for Shabby Chic Love

Thank you all for the nice comments about my soon to be grand-baby.  I've missed posting here but we had a great time in New Jersey.  It seemed like just yesterday that I had lived there...not muched has changed - with the landscape that is.  My daughter, well she looks great and is now showing ...too fun.
Since I haven't really prepared a post I thought I'd give a neat little app you may not have heard of.  All you "wordies" should love it.  It's called Wordle.  What you may not know about me is that I own a Home Staging company, and I came across this site when trying to make an interesting sign for a trade show I did.
Here is one I created for my love of shabby chic...


Isn't that crazy cool?

Here are some tips when creating your wordle:

1.  The more times you type a word - the larger the word prints
2.  You can have it run in different directions - this one was 1/2 horizontal and 1/2 vertical
3.  You can change fonts, colours and background colours (of course I love the black & white)
4.  If you also love numbers 123 (for example) go into language and check "show numbers"
5.  If you want more than one word to stay grouped together use this symbol ~ between the words as in Shabby~Whites
6.  You can also input your blog addy or any other website address and it will pull the words directly from it

Here are some examples from the gallery (not mine)

~Obama speech~

~create one for Mother's Day using words that describe your Mom...I framed one as a thank you gift to my business coach using words that described her and she loved it~

~plain initials~

~earth day~

Have fun with it, and let me know how yours turns out.




It's A Girl !

♫  I'm leaving on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again. ♫

Well that's not true, I'll be back.  I'm off to New Jersey to visit my beautiful daughter Gina.  She has just had her second ultrasound and they have found out IT'S A GIRL!  We are off to spend 4 wonderful days together.

I thought I would leave you with a few pictures of some gorgeous nurseries. 


This was a vintage crib turned into a daybed

Jennifer Lopez - Twins Nursery


And of course, what well deserving new mother wouldn't want to have this delish room to retire to after a long day?

French Luxury
Country Living
Apartment Therapy
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


Lipstick on a Pig? - Chair gets a Makeover

Have you ever heard the saying "You can't put lipstick on a pig"?  I remember the first time I heard it I almost fell over with laughter.  Well let me tell you, this chair was a real oinker. 

I found it at the Courtice Flea Market two weekends ago.  As soon as I spotted it, I felt that excitment we have all felt rummaging through row upon row of vendors wares.  After seeing that Mr. Vendor only wanted 10 dollars for it, my husband was already carrying it to the Jeep.

I couldn't wait to get out the white paint.  Once I came home and took the necessary (for blogging) before pictures I started to dismantle the seat.  The material was wretched and smelled like...well you get the idea.

The fabric I used, although I think it's adorable and was an IKEA steal at $3.99 a yard is only temporary until I find an equally good deal on a perfectly delish French grain sack...(good luck with that I know...pricey).

If anyone knows who sells them for a reasonable price, please let me know.

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