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Happy Friday bloggers!

For as long as I remember, I've loved words and fonts.  I think that almost anything can be made more beautiful if adorned with these charming characters.  Pillows, artwork, furniture, mirrors - you name it.  The possibilities are infinite and the creativity is endless.

I have always searched out items that "speak" to me...pun intended ;-)  So while looking at my perfectly simple little Ikea bolster pillow, I decided to try an iron on transfer.

I headed to the nearest Staples and picked up a package of Avery transfer sheets for light fabric.  Then the hard part.  What did I want the pillow to say.  After playing with different fonts and placements I decided on ~You are what you believe~  ran it through the printer, ironed it on the pillow and voila.

I have to say I like the overall look but I wasn't expecting the background of the transfer to leave a square patch...I suppose I was foolish to think it would only transfer the letters (lol).  If anyone knows a way of transfering only the letters (the same was as vinyl wall words transfer) please, please let me know.

::: Stay tuned for next post showing how I turned my kitchen cabinet end into a chalkboard :::


Anonymous said...

Turned out great.

chair up said...

Oh Marina,
What a great start you have made with your blog. I love what you did with your IKEA pillow!! Love your style and I am really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for future posts!!! Your art is INCREDIBLE!(sorry about all the exclamation marks, I don't mean to shout at you, I'm just so excited to have found you and be your first follower:o)
Would you mind if I give you a mention on my next post. I have a feeling your blog is going to explode into the blogosphere once people get a taste of it:o) Just leave a reply on my blog.

Marina said...

Thank you Ange for the follow...my first one Yippee! Thank you for all the compliments and I would love a mention. As for "exploding into the blogosphere" --from your lips to the blog gods ears ;-)

p.s. I'm glad I found your site...love it!

chair up said...

Consider yourself "mentioned" Marina. Just done a post, feel free to check it out. Hope this brings many followers your way :o)

Tina said...

Hi Marina, I have just popped on over from Ange's gorgeous blog to say Hi! I love your blog so far and your art work looks fantastic:) I have used freezer paper to back a piece of fabric and then ran the fabric straight through the printer (the freezer paper gives it the firmness). It is best used with a printer that you can hand feed the backed fabric through and unless you have a huge printer, it limits you to A4 size, but it worked a treat for what I did. Hope this helps. Email me anytime on tmrubie@gmail.com if you want more details. I am your newest follower. Have a wonderful day Marina ~ Tina x

Deb said...

Hi Marina, so excited to find your blog from Ange and am now your second follower! I love the shabby chic style, love painting everything white and am also a Canadian gal! Welcome to blogland, you're gonna love it! Deb

Creamy White said...

Hi Marina, like the ladies above me, I found you through Ange. I live in Canada as well, but in Edmonton. I love what your pillow says: you are what you believe! And I really believe that!!!
I'm quite new ( 2 months) and love to share what I know. I'll be happy to follow you and of course, have you on my Blog List!
Have a lovely weekend! And when you become a grama, let us know!
Hugs, Li :-)

Natasha said...

Wow, Ange is right! Your blog is just beautiful. I can't wait to visit again and catch up on your previous posts!

Nice to "meet" you.

Best wishes always,

Ange said...

I'm a bit of a words girl myself! Love the pillow case, I calligraphed one for my son and daughter last year... They are fun and inspiring aren't they? Ange is right, your art is gorgeous.
The other Ange

Marina said...

Thanks so much for stopping by ladies and a huge thanks to Ange for the great mention. Tina I'll have to try your printing method thx. Deb-thanks for the follow eh (lol) Li thanks for the follow...I love the bumble bee glasses -haven't found them here yet. Natasha-ty and nice to meet you too. Ange and fellow word girl -thanks for the visit. I'll be posting more wordy things soon ;-)

Danika Herrick said...

Beautiful! Welcome to blogland Marina. Can't wait to see what you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina,
Your cushion is just gorgeous.
I too an a word & font 'junkie' ;-)
I have used the avery iron on transfers on heaps of different things & have found that the best was is to leave a 3mm gap around the edges & trim off any excess. Hope this helps.

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