Lil' Painted French Sign - Before & After

We recently took down those ugly 80's Hollywood lights that wrapped around our kitchen above the cupboards...You know them - those nasty fluorescent lights.  With a blank slate I decided I'd like something to hang over the bulkhead. 

I had an interesting piece that sat atop an old dresser which I wasn't using.  I loved the details and the scale was just right. So I went to work on it.  Here is the after

This was how it started out....not bad right?

I first gave it a few coats of "Bon Voyage" (a really pretty blue)
I sanded inbetween, roughed it up and placed packing tape randomly along the entire piece and pulled it off while the paint was still tacky which gave a nice weathered, chippy, peeling effect. 

I decided on "Cafe de Provence" for the lettering since I love anything French :)
I spaced it out on my computer and printed it out.  I did the old trick of penciling out the back and tracing over the letters to transfer it to the wood.  Finished it up by painting the letters with.....

Don't laugh...

A SHARPIE MARKER!  The horror (lol).  There is no way my steadiness, let alone my patience would have allowed me to use a fine brush.


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Heaven's Walk said...

LUV this, Marina!! It turned out beautiful!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Marina at Shabby Whites said...

Thanks so much Laurie...Happy New Year!

Online PhD UK by Brenda Strickland said...

The fluorescent lights which you removed can be a little frustrating and ugly sometimes. The finished piece for the Café de Provence looks great, thank you for the photo. The letters came out really well. It really does not look like it was done by a sharpie, you really cannot tell.

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