My Favourite Gifts

This year I received some pretty awesome gifts from my family...thought I would share a few with you...
I was so hoping to get a fragrance lamp from "Lampe Berger Paris".  Me and my Mom were on the same page - I gave her one as a gift and she gave me one.  So many scents to choose from I picked up "Green Apple" it really does work - filled the house with the crisp, clean smell of fresh green apples in a matter of a few minutes.
Do you have a favourite scent?

Another wonderful surprise was the iPad I received from my Husband...too funny because it's what I also got for him.

I had seen Diane Keaton on Ellen DeGeneres a little while back and she was talking about her book "Then Again" it's an autobiography and a story about her Mother and the countless journals she wrote throughout her life.  Great gift from my Daughter Gina...can't wait to get into this book.

A little bit of old school...my Son Frankie hit a homerun with this retro rotary phone knowing I have wanted one for some time.

I have to say as amazing as all the gifts were, my greatest moment of the day was going down the street to my Daughters house in our pajamas - no hair - no makeup before my beautiful grandaughter Madison woke up so we could see her excitement Christmas morning.


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